Energy Talk Series IV| Smart Building for Resilient Cities

Uploaded by Prakarsa Jaringan Cerdas Indonesia | 19th January 2021 Script Writer : Miftahus Salam

Editor : Nisma Islami Maharani & Cecilia Novia

Smart City & City’s Resilience - Citizens and businesses expect municipalities to offer not only a means to survive, but to support a continued thriving, economically and in wellness. Smart Building definition is Building that has integrated system, communication infrastructure, through the use of data and autonomous, intelligent processing through technologies that enable different objects, sensors and functions within a building to communicate and interact with each other and also to be managed, controlled and automated in a remote way.

Smart Building Stakeholder

  • Owner, investor, asset manager, city authority

  • Public sector and corporate organization that are leasing or occupying the buildings

  • Property and facility manager

  • Individual tenants and occupants

Smart Building Criterias

Smart Building Benefit

Direct Benefit for Building Owner/Management

  • Lower operating cost

  • Lower emission

  • Attraction for new tenants

  • Healthy & productive workspace

  • Safety and security

Indirect Benefit for City Authority

  • New digital jobs

  • Improved safety

  • Enhanced city management

  • Increased citizen engagement, accessibility and inclusion

  • Increased city and community vibrancy

  • Increased capabilities to support new working and learning options

Innovation Benefit for Innovator/Researcher

  • More effective new city service

  • New digital innovation ecosystem supporting future innovation

  • Smart building