Energy Talk Series II| Energy & Digitalization: Artificial Intelligence Application in Energy Sector

Uploaded by Prakarsa Jaringan Cerdas Indonesia | 19th January 2021 Script Writer : Miftahus Salam

Editor : Nisma Islami Maharani

In Energy Sector 4.0, implementation of Artificial Intelligence (AI), Big Data, Internet of Things and Cloud Computing is unavoidable. People needs clean, affordable, and uninterrupted energy with better service. To provide such requirements, Energy Sector needs to embrace:

1. The Transition to a Clean Energy Future

2. A More Digital and Distributed Grid

3. Individualized Customer Services

However, Energy Sector is facing myriad challenges, such as:

- Economic Downturn

- Reliability and Resilience

- Access and Affordability

- Human Resource

- Rising Energy Demand

- Cyber Security

- Forecast and Planning

- Extreme Weather

- Upgrade & Maintenance

- Electric Vehicle

Energy Sector 4.0 needs to shift its paradigm i.e.:

  • Product Driven to Solution Driven

  • Impersonal to Personalized

  • Reactive to Predictive

  • Human to Human-and-machine

Next, Energy Sector 4.0 needs to shift its technology to: Big Data, Cloud & Edge, Internet

of Things and Artificial Intelligence. AI is expected to enable Energy Company to:

  • Reduce Capital Cost

  • Reduce Failure

  • Lower Fuel Cost

  • Increase Reliability

  • Increase Availability